Monday, June 3, 2013


One of the photographs from the series

This series of photographs portrays a way of life that is not so familiar to most people in the United States. our countries' big cities are booming now more than ever, and the energy, sparkle, and glamour of these metropolises are attracting the younger generation at a fast rate. That being said, the 15 photographs of this series depict where and how I grew up, and they are extremely personal. Unincorporated represents some of the people that mean the most to me, and it reflects ideas that I will forever embrace.

The photographs were taken at a variety of Wisconsin towns within the past 3 months. Ten different towns are represented including Hortonville, Oshkosh, Mountain, New London, Reedsville, Crivitz, Shantytown, Winchester, Shawano, and Readfield. At least one photograph from each of these locations is included in the series.

I should also mention that I chose to display my photographs on white pieces of cardstock with the titles handwritten. This gave my piece a more personal feel, which I was going for. The titles described who the subjects in the photos were and where they photographs were taken. All 15 photographs were layed inside of an old chest from my families tree farm.

I chose to get the photos printed from Walgreens because I had a 60% off coupon. They were printed on fujifilm crystal archive paper, and they turned out really well! Here is the link to my flickr set for you guys to check out.

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  1. you're onto something here subject-matter-wise but the digital presentation is pretty thin with no captions and a general description that doesn't reach out to the viewer.